meet the board



The Mission of Red Barn Theatre is to provide professional opportunities in a creative, nurturing environment for actors, directors, playwrights, designers, musicians and choreographers. RBT commits itself to producing new works, retaining a committed talent pool, and providing beginning and continuing educational opportunities for professionals and amateurs of all ages, race, nationality, and sexual orientation.


Board of Directors

  • President: Kim Works

  • Vice President: Mimi McDonald

  • Secretary: Tanna Kinery

  • Treasurer: Doris Zipperer

Executive Committee & Founding Members


Mimi McDonald


Joy Hawkins


Gary McDonald


  • Mimi McDonald

  • Joy Hawkins

  • Gary McDonald

  • Kim Works

  • Bob Bowersox

  • Karl Stahl

  • Jane Gardner

  • Michelle Grahl

  • Tanna Kinery

  • Doris Zipperer

  • Sharman Wilson

  • Dave Bootle

  • Jennifer Hughes